Stowed two bikes in the hatch of my Honda Fit and Graham in the passenger seat for a drive up to the Flint Hills Nature Trail at Council Grove. We reattached our front wheels and headed east along the converted railroad corridor. The first few miles pass through woods and over the occasional bridged creek. The ruins of a limestone building were visible just off the trail on a country road, our first pitstop.

The woods pulled back, and the gravel lead onward to the open prairie of the Flint Hills.

Despite the scenic rolling hills, the path was devoid of climbs or descents. The railroad had leveled the track, blasting through hills and filling in valleys.

Always a sucker for the lone tree.

Riding into the setting sun, we picked up the pace, and I tried to reduce the frequency of photo stops. Arriving back at the car in twilight, my Garmin listed a round trip of 24.5 miles.