Travis, James, and I took advantage of yet another autumn weekend perfect for outdoor doings. Kanopolis Lake State Park was our outdoors of choice. We rejected the cement floored shelters of Rockwall camping area for an idyllic patch of grass gently sloping toward the lake at Eagle Point. Navigating the bureaucracy of vehicle permits and site fees along with taking the necessary time to set up tents during daylight had me anxious to get out on the trails of nearby Horsethief Canyon. Though the designated navigator – that's what you get for riding shotgun, James – had some difficulty interpreting the map, we soon found ourselves departing from Trailhead C.

Upon finding some rocks he remembered from an elementary school field trip, James was less than impressed.

A second cave compared favorably to the first with an expansive view looking out onto the canyon.

Tackling a minor challenge to complete the loop back to the trailhead left us with a sense of accomplishment and hunger for the hearty campfire meal to come.

Day 2

We awoke with only the occasional splash of a fish to disturb the stillness. Scrambled eggs in cast iron gave us the strength for our next excursion.

Dawn at our primitive camp.
Which trail today?
Crossing the "dam" to continue on to fresh trail.
With the water crossing behind us, we were glad to be able to romp around on dry land again.
Gaining some altitude to relocate the trail.

After finding our bearings, time constraints forced us to turn back, but we vowed to return again to resume our exploration.

The trail offered one more enticing view before we packed up and drove back to civilization.