The Flint Hills were calling seductively, and the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve was the answer. Sighting the preserve's bison population was another alluring possibility, but I didn't realize how soon I would find them directly in my path.

Signs warned that the bison had been aggressively curious as of late. Or was it curiously aggressive? This quirky youngster definitely showed an interest in the two strangers crossing his pasture.

A cloud of flies hovers over a wallowing bison. Click for a larger view.

The herd eventually ambled on and we were able to cross into another separate section of land. A lush green carpet stretched off into the horizon. Infrequent gullies and clumps of trees in the distance were the only break in the beautiful monotony.

The Clark to my Lewis.
Mile after mile of blue and green.

Nearing the end of our hike, we came to the Lower Fox Creek School, a historically preserved one room school house.

"Tan" isn't quite the right word for these lines, and my feet weren't the only things that could have used another round of sunscreen. Despite the increased skin cancer risk, those hours out on the tallgrass prairie were a highlight of the season.