Project Management: Jocelyn Wilkinson
Physical Design: Anthony Esau
Fabrication: Upland Exhibits fabrication team (Dan Miller, Mark Andres), Anthony Esau Client: Omaha Children’s Museum

This lunar terrain vehicle is for all those aspiring astronauts! Pre-schoolers can take the helm and turn the steering wheel, or adjust the solar panels in the bed.

The rover is stationary when set up. But for transport, each tweel (airless tire + wheel) can be swapped for casters. Pockets for moving with a forklift are integrated into the bottom of the chassis. Here you can see fabricators making the switch and loading the rover up for its trip to Omaha from our Newton, KS shop.

I programmed and operated the CNC milling machine to make the HDPE parts and performed some preliminary machining tests before handing off the processing to the fabrication team.